Why Do I Need a Facebook Page?

So you're probably asking yourself why do I need a Facebook page? A Facebook page, that's just what people do. It's just entertainment. It's just like a pub, people go there to meet friends, that’s all. You know, a Facebook page is not something that I need, it's not business-essential, it's not something that matters. It's just fluff, it's just what people do, you know. It's not important for my business.

Well that's exactly what I used to think, but not anymore. Facebook is a marketing tool. Facebook is more powerful than I thought. For quite a time actually I was absolutely convinced that Facebook was nothing more than an online pub; somewhere where people just went to socialize and spend time. It was not somewhere where you could sell something.

And in some respects I was absolutely right. Facebook in many respects is a pub. People absolutely do not go on Facebook to buy anything. Just like when you go to a pub the only thing you want to do is have a drink and hang out with your friends. It's the same thing.

But Facebook is a fantastic place to strike up a conversation, and that's why your business needs to be on Facebook, because people go on there and you can enter into a conversation with the people who might be very interested in what you're offering. And one of the other amazing things that Facebook does is it allows you to go into the pub and to only hang around with the people who are actually interested in your product or service.

So if you’re selling gardening services, it's like walking into a pub and being able to just hang around with people with gardens. You can basically just talk to the people who are most likely to want and need what you’re offering.

The idea is that you strike up a conversation. In a pub you might offer to buy them a beer, on Facebook you might offer something for free. Just to get into a conversation. It's very, very powerful.
I come from an SEO background. I've been doing search engine optimization for over fourteen years and I was there at the very beginning. For a long time you could completely ignore social; it had no impact on Google at all until 2012. In 2012 everything changed.

Now social signals are also very important ranking signals for Google. So the more active you are on Facebook the more likely you are to rank well in Google, and of course that's something that really, really surprised me because I didn't think that would happen but it absolutely has. Google now looks for these social signals and wants to know where visitors to your website are coming from. Are they coming from diverse sources? Obviously Facebook is the  major social platforms with around thirty eight million users in the UK alone.

So is Facebook relevant to my business? Absolutely.

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