Improve your Rankings with These Local Sheffield Business SEO Tips

There are two aspects that make up a great SEO campaign;

Off site SEO

Off site SEO are the external factors the govern how your website performs in the search engine rankings, these include things like:

 External back links

  • Social Media
  • Citations

On Site SEO

On Site SEO are the internal factors on your website that govern how your website performs in the search engine rankings, these include things like:

  • Meta Titles / Descriptions
  • Robot texts
  • URL structure

Although off site SEO is the bread and butter of a great SEO campaign, there are often simple things that webmasters and business owners can overlook when it comes to the onsite SEO which are not only easy to fix but could help your website rank better in the long run.

Checking your Robots.txt

What is the Robots.txt?

The robots.txt is essentially a file on your website that tells Google which pages on your website it is allowed to access and read and which ones it is not allowed to access.

Why is it important to check your Robots.txt?

Many web developers, when creating a website, put a line of code in the robots.txt file that disallows Google from accessing and reading the website until the site if fully complete. Sometimes this code is forgotten to be taken out making their entire website inaccessible by Google and thus doesn't appear properly on the Search rankings.

How can I check my Robots.txt File?

Put in ( in your browser and make sure you don't see the following.

User-agent: *
Disallow: /

In this case, the "Disallow: /" tells all robots, including Google, that is should not visit any pages on this website.

User-agent: *

This is how a correct robots.txt file should look.

Checking you Site for Broken Back links

There is nothing more frustrating than finding a great article or piece of content and then clicking on it only to discover that it either no longer exists or has been moved elsewhere.
That's why it is important to routinely check your website for broken links, not only internal broken links but other websites you may link out to.

There many options for checking broken links, one way is to use "Google Search Console" or a back link checker such as:


Checking your Meta Title Tags

What are Meta Title Tags?

A meta title tag is the title that appears in Google above your website in the search rankings.

Meta title tags example based on Google serps
Above is an example of a good title tag, it tells you what the website is about and what kind of products/services they offer.

Example of bad website meta tags

Above is an example of a bad title tag, it tells the searcher nothing about what the website is about or what services or products they offer.

How can I check my title tags?

Type site:{} into Google search and you will see the list of pages in Google for you site along with their meta title tags.

there is a character limit of 60 for title tags, you can use the following tool to make sure your titles aren't too long

Total Republic Title Tag Checker

this will also give you the HTML code to insert into your website.

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