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Building, Monitoring and Cleaning Backlinks

Get the right links and your rankings will improve. Fact.

Despite all the recent talk about links and even suggestions that they don't matter anymore, make no mistake good links are still a fundamental part of SEO and are often a necessary part of gaining more visibility in Google and the search engines.

When it comes to links, it's quality rather than quantity that matters. But what is "quality" when it's referring to a link? With the exception of Google no one can say with 100% certainty whether a link is good, bad or exceptional.

For a long time Google PageRank was used to determine the strength of a domain name and from it the potential quality or strength of a link. But in 2016 Google did away with PageRank.

One of the best benchmarks as to whether a link is good or bad is to ask: "does it help people". If someone is reading an article on a website and there is a link in the text for example, does the link offer help or assistance?

A bad link might be a link that is just there for advertising purposes, but provides no value. Or a link that links to poor content that has been created just for the purpose of linking.

Spammy links and black hat methods can be successful in the short run, but there is often a high price to pay in the form of penalties and difficulties that can persist over years if a website falls out of favour with Google.

How good are your back links?

If you don't check your back links on a regular basis there is a danger of you running into difficulties with Google further down the road. These can take the form of sustained poor rankings or an out-and-out penalty from Google.

If you think your rankings are being held back or you have noticed a sudden drop in rankings, it's probably time to take action before it gets even worse.

Good links from relevant websites

The majority of our SEO services include firstly making sure that your back link profile is unproblematic and secondly building more good links to strengthen your domain and improve your rankings. We do this in a manner that is compliant with Google's guidelines:

  • Theme relevance
  • No SEO networks
  • No site-wide or footer links
  • Links included in the content of well-written artilces
  • No reciprocal links
  • No links from link-exchange or similar schemes
  • Links that visitors would expect to see

Our goal is to make sure that your website can withstand future Google updates. None of our work is automatic; it's all done manually and involves much time and experience.

We will go out and find the right link sources for your project, these can include:

  • Websites with editoral content
  • Niche websites and blogs
  • Relevant directories
  • Social networks
  • Citations
  • Press releases
  • Comparison websites
  • Forums and communities
  • Suppliers
  • Manufacturers
  • Sponsors

If you would like some examples of the links that we have built, please get in touch. To protect our clients, we don't want to make them public here.

Avoiding a Google Penalty

Ever since the Google Penguin update in April 2012 it has been clear that spammy and poor-quality links certainly don't lead to long-term success.

Indeed, poor quality links can have a negative impact on your website or individual pages. Google hands out penalties to websites that do not adhere to the Google Webmaster Guidelines.

Has your website fallen suddenly in the search engines recently?

Then come and talk to us, we can help you.

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