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Time to Get Serious About Germany?

Are you looking for a reputable company to help you with your internet marketing and search engine optimisation (SEO) in Germany? Would you like to work with a company that is at home in both Germany and the UK?

We’ve Got you Covered

Advice & Strategy

Vision64 can assist you in establishing your company’s online presence in Germany.

Social Media Management

Looking for a German company to manage your company’s social media campaigns?

Pay Per Click

(Google Adwords). Who could be better than a German company to implement a German keyword campaign?


What’s the point of having a fantastic online shop or beautiful website in German if nobody can find it?


Your website’s copy in German needs to be every bit as good as its English equivalent.

WordPress Maintenance

Vision64 provides professional management and technical support for your WordPress website in Germany.

Local SEO

Search Engine Optimisation for your local business is not a “nice to have”, it’s essential!

WordPress Web Hosting

Super-fast web hosting and lightning-fast load times based on our very own web server.

All the Right Credentials

Germany Based

Vision64 is a Stuttgart-based SEO and Internet Marketing company with a presence in Sheffield

Multi Cultral Team

We are a team of native Germans and Brits


Vision64 can draw on over 20 years of SEO experience in Germany and the UK


We currently look after more than 40 projects for small-to-medium-sized businesses in Germany and the UK

Satisfied Customers

We have a large number of satisfied customers who enjoy a significant return on investment from the work that we do

Free Consultation

We’d love to hear about your project and talk with you about your needs.

Meet the Team

The management team of Vision64 is German and English; Uwe Matt and David Twigg.

Uwe founded the company in 2008. Since then Vision64 has helped a very large number of companies in Germany and the UK to improve their rankings and grow their internet business.

Vision64 is located in Kirchheim Teck near Stuttgart, Germany.

Uwe Matt

Uwe Matt


David Twigg

David Twigg

Web Development

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“I just wanted to write you a note to thank you for the services you have provided for my company over the last 7 years. I must admit that when we started working with you, SEO was a relatively easy game, however as the years have advanced, so had the Google algorithm! I am really grateful that we are in your capable hands. Carl Mallory

Managing Director, Italian Lighting Centre Ltd

“We have been working with Visio64 since 2008. I wanted to find a company that was nearby and had a young team that had grown up with the internet. We have been running traditional advertising campaigns for decades, but the tendency in our industry is clearly towards the internet. We have achieved great success with Uwe and Alan from Vision64. Jürgen Baumgärtner

Owner, Gebrüder Ott Betonwerke GmbH & Co. KG

We have been working with Vision64 since 2007 for a number of customer projects. I value the advice, the cooperation and the recommendations, which are always tailoured to the individual needs of our customers. The optimisation process works very well, whether Alan and Uwe make the changes to the websites and shops themselves or whether we get a list and work through it. We look forward to working with Vision64 in the coming years.” Jörg Hehl

Owner, die webversteher