Italian Lighting Centre Ltd

Carl Mallory“I just wanted to write you a note to thank you for the services you have provided for my company over the last 7 years. I must admit that when we started working with you, SEO was a relatively easy game, however as the years have advanced, so had the Google algorithm! I am really grateful that we are in your capable hands.

SEO has become such a complex job now that I honestly can’t understand how you stay ahead of the curve. However, you keep delivering great results. long after many of your competitors have thrown in the towel, and become PPC “experts”, or whatever new shiny opportunity comes their way! Thanks again for taking care of out sites.”

Carl Mallory, Managing Director

Gebrüder Ott Betonwerke GmbH & Co. KG

Gebrüder Ott Betonwerke GmbH & Co. KG“We have been working with Visio64 since 2008. I wanted to find a company that was nearby and had a young team that had grown up with the internet. We have been running traditional advertising campaigns for decades, but the tendency in our industry is clearly towards the internet. We have achieved great success with Uwe and Alan from Vision64.

Over the years they have continually found ways to improve our website and it’s ranking in Google. I’m glad that I didn’t take any risks with poor suppliers and am very optimistic about the future”

Jürgen Baumgärtner, Owner

die webversteher GmbH & Co KG

Jörg Hehl“We have been working with Vision64 since 2007 for a number of customer projects. I value the advice, the cooperation and the recommendations, which are always tailoured to the individual needs of our customers. The optimisation process works very well, whether Alan and Uwe make the changes to the websites and shops themselves or whether we get a list and work through it. We look forward to working with Vision64 in the coming years.”

Jörg Hehl, Owner

LSM Builders

LSM Builders“As a small business I found it very difficult to get any kind of Google presence for my website. It was taking up a lot of my time and energy and i was spending a fortune on Google Ads to drive traffic to my site. I started to look into SEO and came across Alan and his team, I got in-touch, discussed my target keywords and what i wanted to accomplish with the site, they came back at me with a very reasonable offer, timescale and guarantee (I had nothing to lose).

Sure enough they completed the goal, within the timescale for the agreed monthly cost, they got my website on the first page of google for my target keyword and it has remained on the first page of google ever since. I can not overstate how valuable their service has been to growing my business! we now get far more inquiries than we are able to handle and it feels as though the website is actually bigger than the business. Alan is also a very approachable guy, we have had some great discussions regarding the business/strategy/growth and he has shared some valuable advice. Great service and great team.”

Bull & Bear AG

Bull & Bear

“The value of SEO to our business increased within a few months of Vision64 starting work. We were doing a relaunch of our website and the imput from Vision64 helped us hugely.”

Rolf Rilling, Vorstandsvorsitzender der Bull & Bear AG Website:

Turiya Yoga Pvt. Ltd


We have had a few bad experiences with internet marketeers before we’ve came across Vision64. Although we’ve been optimizing our website with them for just a couple of months we can surely say they are highly professional, ethical and have an in depth knowledge of the service they provide. We are very pleased with their efficiency and integrity as well as their ability to make steps, choices and decisions clear for us.

Manu and Suzana, Owners

Instyle Productions GmbH

Instyle Models“We’ve had a great working relationship with Vision64 for many years and I can’t speak highly enough of them when it comes to achieving results. Alan and Uwe make a fantastic team and they are complete professionals in their sector! Our website enjoys top positions in Google despite huge competition; and has done for several years.

We are currently updating our website and making it even more search-engine friendly. We look forward to continuing our working relationship with their efficient and friendly team.”

Valentin Wiedling (Project Management, Instyle Productions GmbH)

Internet Influence Ltd

Internet Influence

I’ve worked with Alan and his team for a number years now and find them excellent. Both easy to work with and produce excellent results.

Alex Dutton, Owner