Search Engine Optimisation

We have been improving the rankings in Google and increasing visitor numbers for websites in Germany since 2001

SEO Services

Today, we work for a large number of companies in Germany and the UK. Depending on your needs and budget, we offer a very comprehensive optimisation service, which can include:

Optimisation of all Technical Aspects of your Website

From website speed, link structure, redirects and meta tags – We will optimise all technical aspects of your website.

On-page Optimisation, incl. the Copy of the Individual Pages

From Broken links, missing image tags and poor English – we will optimise your onpage content and pages.

Keyword Research and Analysis (in German)

Keyword research is important for any website to rank well. We will research the most important terms for your website.

Translation from English to German

A well translated website is critical not only for Google and the search engines but for your users too.

Off-Page Optimisation

On page SEO is important but Off page SEO is also critical – We will take a look at your link profile and manage your off page SEO to help your rank.

Tracking and Analytics

From the number of users, what pages they visit and from where – we will track your website users with Google analytics and other tracking software.

Advice on How to Advertise in Germany

Advertising a product or service is different depending on the country – we will make sure your adverts hit the right spot with Germany.

User-Behaviour Optimisation

The way a website looks is important but so is how the user may interact with your website – we will optimise user behaviour for your website.

We Promise…

…to help you reach your marketing goals in the German-speaking world (incl. Switzerland and Austria). We are very thorough and you can be absolutely certain that we will do things properly one step at a time until our joint goals have been reached. We promise to listen to you and discuss ideas. We promise to work hard to find a solution for any problems that you might have. We promise to be here for you and to work diligently on improving your rankings and sales in Germany.


You can look forward to performance-based contracts that are incredibly fair. Our very basic SEO packages start at 200 pounds per month. But even contracts for our most comprehensive service can start as little as 400 pounds per month. We can do this because we believe in getting paid for results, which means that our contracts contain a large performance-based portion. This is great news for you!

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