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Don’t look at SEO as a cost but rather an Investment! – Find out about Vision64’s pricing structure

SEO Is an Invaluable Investment

Search engine optimisation is an investment rather than a cost. As such the more you invest, the more you can expect in return. Interesting read on ROI…

Of course, it’s essential for you as a business owner to be able to budget and plan. Of course, you want to know what SEO will cost. Our SEO services are largely performance based.

That means that we start with a fixed monthly rate (which you will find below). After that your monthly spend only increases when your website starts to rank and become much more prominent in Google. Our fees are directly connected to our results.

Pricing Guide (Basic Fee)

The performance-based prices are agreed with you individually before we begin working together.

We don’t take on every project. We want to work only with committed customers. We want to work with people who understand the importance of SEO and who are dedicated to making it a success in cooperation with us.

Do you think we might be a good fit? If so, we’d love to hear from you. Please use our contact form.

Organic SEO (Pay-Per-Rank)

250 – 400 Euros p/m for the optimisation of individual search terms

Organic SEO (Pay-Per-Visibility)

400 – 1500 Euros p/m. Comprehensive optimisation of your website in all areas

Google Adwords Management

Our Adwords Management Service costs only £130 a month regardless of your ad spend.

“You Cannot Afford to Wait any Longer”

Search Engine Optimisation is not just important, it’s essential. It’s likely one of the best investments in the future of your business that you could possibly make. Just ask yourself whether you think the internet and Google will still be around in 5 or 10 years time? Do you think that people in the future will still be using Google or other search engines to find what they are looking for? Do you still want to be in your line of business in 5 to 10 years time? Wouldn’t it be ideal for your website to be working for you day and night attracting a constant stream of leads and sales? It’s possible, but you have to invest, you have to take a small leap of faith and you have to be committed. If you are, we will be too.

SEO is not a Cost. It’s an Invaluable Investment in your Website

Deciding to allocate resources into SEO is probably one of the smartest moves you can make. If your company is not ranking well for one or more of the search terms that people use to find your product or service, you are almost certainly losing out to your competition.

Search Engine Optimisation Turns your Website into Powerful Sales Machine

Organic SEO is not like Adwords. You don’t have a budget limit, you don’t have a geographical limit, you don’t have to pay for clicks, you don’t have to worry about others outbidding you. Achieving good rankings gives your website the chance to attract customers 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. Not only that, people often trust the organic results far more than the paid ads. Basically, SEO can turn your website into your most valuable salesman.

Search Engine Optimisation Generates More Sales for a Modest Constant Cost

SEO can increase your conversions, but won’t necessarily increase your marketing costs. This is a unique and very powerful fact of ranking well organically in Google and the search engines. Spend money on any other form of advertising and the costs always increase the more coverage you want. With organic SEO, there is an initial financial investment and an initial investment in faith. But once your website’s visibility in Google increases the sales pick up without any additional spend.

SEO is the Foundation of your Company’s Future Success

No business can exist without sales. Sales are the lifeblood of most businesses. Making a commitment to improving the visibility of your website in Google.

Improving the experience that you give to your users and to the future sustainability of your most potent sales channel is the smartest move you can possibly make.

Modern Search Engine Optimisation… makes finding your website easy for your customers. Not only that, SEO helps create a better experience for your customers when they visit your website. Much of modern SEO is focused on the user experience.

Search Engine Optimisation is NOT a “Nice to Have”

Question. If you had to make a permanent choice for future, one or the other, no ifs or buts, which would it be? a). A beautifully designed website with no traffic and no potential customers? b). An ugly, poorly designed website with a steady stream of potential customers? My guess is that it’s b. Because to choose a. would mean no sales, no new customers and no hope. Yet for some reason SEO is often sold as an add-on by design agencies. But typically web-design agencies do not have a deep knowledge of search engine optimisation and believe it’s just a “nice to have”. But SEO matters just as much as design. SEO is the petrol in the tank of web success.

SEO is Never too Expensive

If you could get a 2000 dollar return on every 1000 dollars you invested, is there a limit to how much you could invest? For some reason many companies large and small seem to believe that SEO should be cheap. If you want to compete in markets where thousands of people are searching everyday for your product or service, it’s illogical to think you can do this for a few hundred dollars a month. Yet many companies do. Please compare search engine companies, but don’t compare on price! Compare on what they can deliver for your company.

Search Engine Optimisation is for the Long-Term

Of course, you can expect to see improvements fairly quickly and short-term benefits are certainly part of SEO. However, the real power of SEO is in its longer-term potential. Investing in SEO is like building a pipeline to replace a bucket. A large number of companies have become convinced that spending on Pay Per Click (usually Adwords) is the right thing to be doing. And they are often right, especially for the short-term. But spending on Adwords is like walking up a hill every day with a bucket to collect water rather than concentrating on building a pipeline. SEO when successful is like building a pipeline that will keep on delivering and delivering over the years. SEO is the ultimate marketing tool.

Only Settle for the Best

When the search engine optimisation company is good – and some are very good – Google will start to regard your website as being important, a resource that should be prominent in the search results alongside or even ahead of your competitors. SEO enables you to trade successfully, to reach new customers and to realize your website’s full marketing potential. Investing in professional SEO can make the difference between winning new customers or losing them to the competition, between building your online brand or treading water and ultimately between being a force in the market or not. Good Search Engine Optimisation is the ultimate marketing tool and the best investment you could possibly make. SEO is our business.

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