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Unlike search engine optimisation which can take up to a year before any significant changes take place, Adwords or Pay Per Click is an immediate way to get your business services or products seen by potential customers on the search engines and more importantly, Google.

The process behind Adwords sounds simple; you bid for ad placement in Google’s sponsored section that appears on most Google searches and then pay each time a potential customer clicks on your ad.

In reality, however, Adwords can be pretty tricky to navigate and even harder to master. The difference between a poorly run Adwords campaign and a well-executed one is huge. A well run Adwords campaign would not only increase your conversions but target the customers that you want to talk to, saving money on unwanted clicks from people who have no interest in your product or service.

Realise the Potential of your Adwords Campaign for Only £199 a Month

With over 12 years of experience in Adwords and search engine optimisation, we are confident that we can run a streamlined, cost effective and successful Adwords campaign for your business. Our Adword management services start from just £130 a month, sign up for our services and you will get:

  • Setup New Adwords Account
    We will set up a new Google AdWords account for you. You will receive full access to this account and all the data within it.
  • Goal Definition
    We will work together with you to define the goals and the desired actions a visitor should make when arriving at your website.
  • Keyword Research
    We will research and discover search terms that are most relevant for your business. These will be structured to fit the ad text in a targeted way.
  • Creating Text for the Ads
    We will create advertising copy for your product or service. This will be tailored and optimized to achieve the best results in terms of return on investment.
  • Campaign Optimisation
    The objective of your campaigns will be to attract your target audience. This’ll be achieved by optimizing different settings such as; time of day, location and user devices.
  • Success Evaluation
    We will help you to implement tracking measures designed to help us evaluate the success and failures of your campaign so that we can adjust accordingly.
  • Monthly Reporting
    You will receive a report with details of your AdWords campaign on a monthly basis. These reports will include analysis of; Clicks, cost, ROI and Conversions.
  • Google AdWords Budget
    The cost of AdWords itself (visitors and clicks) will be invoiced directly by Google itself on a monthly basis. This offer is for the management of your Adwords account up to a maximum budget of 15,000 € per month.

Total Price

Our total price for out AdWords management is: £199 a Month. If you want to find out more, please contact us.

Free Consultation

We’d love to hear about your project and talk with you about your needs. Often the best way is to call us, but you can e-mail us too. Whatever way you choose, we look forward to hearing from you.

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