Pay-Per-Visibility SEO

Pay-Per-Visibility SEO 

Pay-Per-Visibility is the name we have given to our visibility-based SEO service. We believe that a significant portion of the money that you pay for a SEO service should be based on how we are performing and how visible your website is becoming in Google, regardless of whether you want to optimize for Germany or the UK. With Pay-Per-Visibility, your SEO investment depends on how visible your website is in Google according to the Visibility Index. 

What is a Visibility Index?

A visibility index is a method for determining the visibility of a website based on the based on the positions achieved by a website in Google. The higher the visibility index score for a website, the more traffic a website generates from Google (generally speaking). 

When the positions for relevant search terms in Google improve for a given website so too does that website's visibility index score. For Pay-Per-Visibility, we use the SISTRIX Visibility Index. Sistrix is a  globally recognized performance indicator for SEO success based on the positions achieved by a website in Google.

Here is what Sistrix says about the index:

" ... to create our analysis, we automatically check the rankings of millions and millions of keywords every week in more than 10 different countries. We enrich our findings with additional data, then use a specially developed algorithm to calculate an individual website's visibility – it's market share, so to speak – of Google results. Because of its high degree of usability, the Visibility Index has quickly established itself as a standard in the field of SEO. Even in the US, experts and media outlets frequently use SISTRIX data to report on Google updates. It's clear: today's best SEO data is “Made in Germany..."

The Payment Model

With Pay-Per-Visibility we will work with you to improve the performance of your website in Google for all of the products and services that you offer.

There are two parts to our Pay-Per-Visibility model. The first part is a fixed monthly fee, this is charged every month regardless of the your website's visibility score. The second part is based on results. We use Sistrix to measure the visibility of your website in Google. The higher your visibility score, the higher our charge.

Each time your website reaches a defined visibility score in Sistrix, we charge an additional fee for that score. We define and agree on the price you will pay for each stage before the contract starts.

For a guide to pricing, please visit our pricing page

How will I benefit from Pay-Per-Visibility?

  • Peace of mind: Starting at the beginning we will work step-by-step on improving all of the aspects of your website that are important for enabling your website to achieve better positions in Google. This will enable you to concentrate on running your business. Overview of the optimisation process....
  • More qualified leads: Apart from the fixed monthly fee, you will only pay more when your website is listed on the first page of Google for the search terms we have defined. This means that we are highly motivated to achieve our goals. Our success is directly linked to your success.
  • Investment in your website: Pay-Per-Visibility represents a long-term investment in your website. All of the changes that you make to your website and all of the things that we build to improve your site's visibility are yours to keep. This is NOT advertising, but an investment in the long-term future health of your website and sales channel.
  • Save money: Pay-Per-Visibility is designed to save you money on Advertising. Whether it is Adwords, Facebook or offline advertising, when your website is ranking well organically, you will be able to reallocate your advertising spend.
  • Improved site usability: A very large proportion of the improvements that we ask you to make to your website for the search engines are also designed to help your users navigate, understand and find information on your website.
  • Improved brand awareness: Many people think that the websites occupying the top results in Google are the leading brands in that industry. Just by ranking well many people will perceive you as being the leader in your particular field.
  • Problem prevention: We monitor the rankings and performance of your website everyday. Each month we do a far deeper check into your website. This means that we will quickly notice any problems, technical issues and other errors.
  • Results in Germany: If you are interested in our services because of our knowledge of the German market, Pay-Per-Visibility is a good option. Keyword research, link building, on-page recommendations, competitor analysis, translation aspects and user-behaviour recommendations will all be tailored to the German market. You don't need a consultant to help be a success in Germany, we can do it all for you as part of Pay-Per-Visibility.

Optimisation process explained

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